commercialized Products

One of the major ending point of Payam Persian institute is focused on NATIONAL NANO PRODUCTS (NNPs) commercialization. NNPs such as nanomaterials, colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles and instrumentals are being considered. The commercialization steps according to our contracts include, scale up, pricing, export, advertising, email marketing, selling, customer consulting,issuing vouchers, shipping management, delivery tracking, quality monitoring etc. our criteria for NNPs commercialization are based on the quality and warranty of NNPs. we strictly persist on analysis data sheets of NNPs. our sales technicians continuously monitor analysis data sheet receiving from customers and compare them with our commercialized NNPs. since now, we have signed many contracts with national researchers who are producing good quality nanomaterials. according to our contracts researches have to supply NNPs with rational stable data sheets. we will refund all charges of NNPs as well as characterization charges to customers if the analysis data sheets mismatch with the offering data sheets.
If you are planning to organize small business in the field of NANOTECHNOLOGY feel free to contact us. We will help you on this way. here are some of the commercialized products

Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles

Silver nanoparticles application:
1- Ag Nanoparticles can be widely used in medical, household fabrics and health care supplies.
2- Silver nanoparticles have been used as catalyst for some of chemical reactions.
3- Silver nanoparticles can play an important role in the suppression and killing of dozens of pathogenic micro-organisms such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aurous.
4- Silver nanoparticles act as a new anti-infective product which has broad-spectrum, non-resistance, free from the pH effects, antibacterial, durable and many other properties
5- silver nanoparticles can be used as biomedical labels, sensors, and detectors
6- Silver nanoparticles have been used in clothing odor-resistant.

Concentration: 1000 ppm
Size: <20 nm
XRD (2θ values): 38.1˚(1 1 1), 44.09˚(2 0 0), 64.42˚(2 2 0), 77.29˚(311), 81.39˚(222).
XPS: 368.1 eV (Ag3d5/2), 374.1 (Ag3d3/2) (Binding Energy)
Uv-Vis (abs): 405 nm