About us

Payam Persian Pardis institute was established in 2010 and registered in companies registration office of Isfahan with registration number 3952. Our activities involved in high tech specially in the field of nanotechnology. Founders of the institute are graduated and PhD students of nanotechnology and related fields as well as business management. Regarding the current rank of Islamic republic of Iran in scope of nanotechnology, we deliver broad range of services to the researches including design and synthesis of nano materials, consulting, commercialization of national nano products and education. We are proud to be one of the most valid organizations and leading foundations in the field of nano tech. We are planning to extend the activities area in term of joint cooperation with leading companies abroad.

Our Team

A.R. Hosseini far

Chief executive officer (CEO)

M. Akbari

Chief technical officer (CTO)

M. khodadadi

Chief commercial officer (CCO)

M. Ghaneie

Chief learning officer (CLO)